Thursday, February 5, 2009

Iago:Othello and Those Other People

"So the only person I actually like in this play is Iago."
"Do you like him? Or like him like him?"

So it's been ages since we've done any blogging-ness. It's been legit forever.

So, not that anybody will actually be checking this any time soon:
Iago- do you like him? Sarah does apparently.

I personally think Iago is the only character developed closely. Fully? Whichever. You can't like any of the other characters because they don't have any character. They aren't looked in to, they aren't very developed. Des, particularly, is very flat. Who can like her? Well, that's biased. Seeing as how I obviously don't like her.

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A Songbird Who Sings said...

Hey, look, I actually checked
this thing!

Maybe Iago is the only character that seems fleshed out, but I would hardly call him any less flat than Desdemona. His attitude towards the world and (presumably) his true motives for his actions don't change throughout the play, so you can't really call him anything other than flat, but developed. Even then, he doesn't honestly amount to much more than "angry, disempowered, jealous white guy", though, just your run-of-the-mill villain out to ruin everything the protagonist holds dear. The only difference is that since this is a tragedy, he succeeds. And then dies, because this is a Shakespearean tragedy.

As for Desdemona, I don't like her much simply because she is everything I never want to be if I should ever find myself in a relationship, except probably the not-cheating part. I do, however, like that she is capable of standing up to her father (something to be grateful for considering the time period in which she lives) and bantering with Iago.