Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Stranger - QA

Now with quotes!


Me, Myself, and I said...

So I really like your photos. The flower could be a little less blurry, but the sharpening on the chips came out nicely. And I'm sure I can say something about how symbolic the fuzzy is for the project. Just not as a photo by itself.
The background for the fetal pig brain is a very nice contrast with the jar.
The clock is nice. Looming. You'd better have a nice quote for it, dearest.
And the contrast for the exit sign works out nicely. Very symbolic.
I'll recomment after the quotes for each picture are up.

A Songbird Who Sings said...

Well! I really like how you've paired the photo of the brain with the quote about the magistrate trying to question Meursault. It feels like they're trying to pick his brain and just not getting anything out of him at all (anything that they can understand, at least). Meanwhile, to Meursault's mind, he's giving them clear and honest answers. The quote and photo together give a feeling of "so close yet so far", because even if the brain/answer is right there, you just can't get to it.

I also like the quote/photo combo with the clock and Meursault's description of time passing in prison. It's a nice contrast, what with the zoomed-in clock keeping track of time and Meursault's talk of losing it. It kind of says to me, "even though this guy can't be bothered to pay attention to it anymore, yes, time is still passing just as it always does". It's kind of tongue-in-cheeky on the part of the author if you look at it that way XD.

eqprincess91 said...

You have a very wide variety of photos and you chose the quotes to fit them very well. Two of my favorites:

I really like the fifth photo of the clock. At the end, Meursault begins to realize things, like the importance of the time he has, manifested in the physicality of the clock. The reflection of the white walls in the clock have a dual meaning: they are the blank slate of what could have been the rest of his life and they are the blank person who he has been throughout his life.

In the last picture, Meursault recognizes his indifference. He sees that death is an exit, but there is also a light. He can understand why people do reckless or unexplainable things when they know they have no time left. 25% of this shot is white, representing all the "reckless" things he could be doing and all the opportunities he had in his life, 50% fades from white to the darkness of his demise and wasted time, and 25% is black, representing his death, the "exit" from this world.

martitr said...

Esbee -- I posted my comments on FAcebook for you.

Spence said...
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Spence said...

i ruin the picture a little because you are trying to present meursault as a Jesus like figure and i was unable to appear crucified. for this i analogize. the quotes are dead on but i was unable to deliver. i suck as a model. i will cross that off my list of possible career options.

finally the clock picture is my favorite. it makes you focus right in on what time it is. its like last period on friday and all you can do is keep glancing at the clock. this is what it must be like for meursault sitting in the jail cell, just watching time pass by in slow motion.

overall, top notch work. like the project and the use of photo-shop.

halfnickel said...

Brazilian, i love your photos! one photo that i love is the one with the flower, mainly for the color contrasts; the bright red significantly contrasts with the brown mulch; it definately grabs someone's attention. :)
My favorite quote-pic match was George's ribs because i feel that it emphasizes Meursault's emptiness (right word?). there's nothing in his ribs, and for about 99% of the novel we(the readers) get the impression that there's nothing (emotion-wise) in him...yeah.
However one pic&quote that i was not a fan of was the one with the brain; it might just be me, but i did not really get the connection at first, but i like how you used body-parts; it's just very raw and out there.
i also liked how no two pics were similar in the sense of whereand of what you took the pics and the position (right word?) that you sued.
i also realy enjoyed the pic of george's head w/ the orangey backround, the contrast of color is really attention-grabbing. it was really out there to do that; atleast i think so! :)

martitr said...

I take offense at your "last period on Friday" comment Spencer --That would by MY class! Epic fail...